Love to teach

One thing that sets me apart from other tutors and even coaching schools is that I tailor my tutorials for the individual student. I provide continuous reporting to parents to monitor progress. I give homework and advice when necessary or suitable.  What do I teach? My expertise in teaching is in Mathematics in secondary and university level. However, I also have students who I teach not just Maths, but also English, Science (Biology), History and Geography in primary and secondary level. I have tutored, lectured and marked university students in both undergraduate and postgraduate level in General Maths, Maths for Life Sciences, Health Economics, Statistics, Operations Research, and many other courses. I can assist with tertiary coursework and reviewing for assessments in any Maths course, in some Science courses such as Immunology, Genetics, General Biology and Public Health courses. If you also require any assistance in thesis writing, essay writing, or even just setting up referencing (bibliographies) for your writing, I can also help.

- Teacher Penny

Students at the forefront of learning


Every individual learns differently. While we learn best in our own way, there is also benefit to be gained by learning in a group of your peers.

The individual student is capable of finding their strengths and weaknesses in their learning journey. Students can be empowered to self-regulate their own learning style while also interacting with others. Being able to articulate concepts to others can improve the individual student's understanding.


My dream is to see students optimise their own learning experience, and to extend this philosophy from the classroom into their own day-to-day life.

It is a pleasure to see students achieve their academic goals -- their individual achievements are also my achievement.